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Staff - Northwest Christian High School

NCHS Administrative Staff

Mr. Dave Rehnberg



Dr. Terry Ketchum



Mrs. Christina McNair

Administrative Assistant; Registrar; Guidance Counselor


Mrs. Diana Downey

International Student Program Director


Mr. Josh Burdick

Dean of Students


Mrs. Jeanette Lindstrom

Athletic Director; Student Events Coordinator


Mrs. Ann-Charisse Koukal

Family Liaison; Receptionist, Volunteer Coordinator


NCHS Teaching Staff

Mrs. Aracelli Babcock

Study Hall


Aracelli Babcock (Study Hall) - Mrs. Babcock has been active at NCHS for the past several years, and is a new addition to the staff as a Study Hall Monitor. She is a wife and dedicated mother of young men and desires to see the fullness of God’s blessing in the next generation. Prior to enrolling her children at CCA and NCHS, Mrs. Babcock homeschooled for many years. In addition to her work at NCHS, Mrs. Babcock is a group leader for Bible Study Fellowship.

She and her husband have been married for 18 years, and she enjoys reading, Mariners baseball, spending time with her family, and has a love of all things culinary, especially preparing dishes inspired by her Puerto Rican heritage. 

Mr. Tony Brooks

Bible 9, Statistics


Tony Brooks (Bible 9; Statistics) – Mr. Brooks graduated from the School of Business at Washington State University in 1995. He has worked as a business analyst, a business owner, and been in executive management since 1996. Mr. Brooks has leadership experience in manufacturing, medical sales and marketing and has been involved in ministry as a bible teacher for Calvary Chapel and Conservative Baptist Northwest since 1984. He has taught mathematics since 2001, both as a tutor and in classroom settings. He joined the NCHS teaching staff in 2013.

Mr. Brooks enjoys playing guitar, woodworking, hiking, climbing and fly-fishing and enjoys any time he can get with his wife and children.

Mr. Josh Burdick

Public Speaking


Josh Burdick (Public Speaking) – Mr. Burdick served in church youth ministry and completed a one-year discipleship program known as Master’s Commission. He graduated from NCHS in 2001 and then earned his B.A. in Organizational Communication from Northwest University. He served as a teaching pastor for a church plant and also substitute taught at NCHS. He continued his graduate studies at Liberty University and earned an M.A. in Theological Studies and an M.A. in Communication. While attending Liberty, Mr. Burdick served as a Graduate Student Assistant and taught public speaking.

When not studying Church History, Apologetics and Communication Theory, Mr. Burdick enjoys snowboarding with his family and cheering for the Seahawks.



Mrs. Florita

Biology, Chemistry, Physical Science

Website: Mrs. Florita Cabanes


Florita Cabanes (Biology; Chemistry; Physical Science) - Mrs. Cabanes earned her BS and MAT, with a major in Biology, from the University of San Carlos, Philippines. She received a national teaching license in her country after having completed the Professional Education training for Secondary Education and passing the board examination. Her bachelor and graduate education credentials were given a US equivalency by the World Education Services. After moving to Washington in 2016, she acquired her Teaching Certification from the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Her work experience involves a diverse age group of individuals from babies to adults and teaching experience with a diverse cultural group of students.  She taught biology, comparative anatomy, physiology, zoology, child growth and development, and adolescent development in the college, and science in the 7th to 11th grades in an international school.

Mrs. Cabanes loves gardening, cooking, knitting, listening to music, and sewing. She misses the beaches in the Pacific Islands and her friends and family who are afar. She loves the wonderful sceneries in Washington. On top of all, she talks to God before she gets up from her bed in the morning and whenever she’s alone.



Mr. Don Camp

Bible 10, Photography

Website: Bible 10-

Photography -


Mr. Camp received a B.A. in English Literature with graduate work in Library Science from Portland State University. He taught English in Oregon public schools for several years  and at Central Catholic High School in Portland before changing course in careers to take up photography. 

Mr. Camp worked at a studio in Spokane, Washington in the 70s, before buying a studio in Lebanon, Oregon. During those years he felt a call to ministry and in 1986 closed his business to attend seminary at Western Baptist Seminary in Portland where he earned a M.Div in Pastoral Ministry.  After seminary he served as pastor in a small country church in Cove, Oregon, for twelve years and then for two years as Associate Pastor at Faith Community Church in Ocean Shores. In 2004 he began at Northwest Christian as a teacher of World History, English, and Bible. In 2014 Mr. Camp resigned his teaching position to go to India where he taught English and Bible at Metro Delhi International School.

Mr. Camp loves to engage people in conversation about the Lord, and he is finding opportunity to do that these days on Internet blogs and chat sites, engaging skeptics and seekers, and sharing the Gospel. He has written a book on the Gospel of Matthew entitled Messiah: The Story of Jesus According to Matthew



Mrs. Holly Cline


Website: Mrs. Holly Cline


Holly Cline (Culinary) - Mrs. Cline grew up in Southern Califorina and graduated from a small Christain school. She moved with her husband and two boys to Washington in 2006 where she home-schooled their boys for four years. She currently manages the nursery and has taught in the childrens ministry at Sunbreak Missionary Baptist Church. She has gone on mission trips and helped with church plants here in Olympia and Dupont. She loves to cook and try new foods from different cultures and also enjoys cooking lunch for the NCHS students.

"Food is our common ground" "Cooking is a way to teach kids about other things like reading and math with all the weights and measures. Cooking is so popular today because it's the perfect mix of food and fun." Emeril Lagasse

  Mr. Eric DiDomenico



Eric DiDomenico (Physics) - Mr. DiDomenico graduated from Washington State University in Electrical Engineering, and from the Air Force Institute of Technology with a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering (with specialties in Digital Flight Control, Pattern Recognition, and Human Sensory Information Processing).  

Mr. DiDomenico is a graduate of the USAF Test Pilot School and flew flight test from 1985 to 1991.  He taught astronautics at the US Air Force Academy from 1992 to 1996.  Mr. DiDomenico is also certified in Program Management (Program Management Institute) and is a Certified Systems Engineer, and Expert Systems Engineer (certified by the International Council of Systems Engineers - INCOSE).  

Mr. DiDomenico has acted as a technical advisor to the Under-Secretary of Defense, and a Scientific Engineering and Technical Assistant (SETA) to both the Department of Defense and National Intelligence Community.  He has 38 years of engineering and applied physics experience in space, laser, avionics, and solar array systems.  

Mr. DiDomenico is an avid cyclist, and enjoys God’s creation as a hiker.



Mrs. Judy Hadley

Creative Writing, English 10


Judy Hadley (English 10; American Literature) – Mrs. Hadley earned a B.A. in English and Spanish from William Woods University with a minor in Secondary Education. She taught English and Spanish for grades 7-9 in Ohio and home-schooled four children for twenty years. She has been teaching at NCHS for the past 12 years.

Mrs. Hadley grew up on an Arabian horse ranch in Colorado. Showing horses was her “sport” during high school.

  Mr. Scott Hollis

AP Biology, Anatomy & Physiology

Website: Mr. Scott Hollis


Scott Hollis (AP Biology; Anatomy & Physiology) - Mr. Hollis has over twenty years of experience as a licensed Medical Lab Scientist under the American Society of Clinical Pathologists with specialities in Immunology, Transfusion Medicine, and Microbiology. He holds two Masters degrees and is completing an additional degree in Laboratory Medicine. While teaching at NCHS, he will also be teaching an online course for The University of Maryland at the bachelor's level and serving as an adjunct professor at Clover Park Technical College as a visiting lecturer on Hematology. Mr. Hollis owns the private consulting firm, Hollis Consulting Group LLC, providing technical consulting to physician offices across Washington State.

Mr. Hollis is of the school of thought led by Louis Pasteur that "while a little science may lead you away from God, a deeper understanding of science reveals the miracles of God." Mr. Hollis states: "I bring some rather unique perspectives to AP Biology as well as the fact that I have seen the level of attack that Christians face when they head off to the universities, and they are ill equipped to defend their faith. There is no reason for them to have their faith shaken in the area of science when the greatest scientific minds were all men of profoundly deep faith. If the Lord can use me to help these students prepare for that battle, then that's where I need to be."

In addition to serving as science teacher, Mr. Hollis will continue as volunteer coach for the NCHS Powerlifting team.

  Ms. Suzanne Johnson

English 9, TOEFL

Website: Ms. Suzanne Johnson


Suzanne Johnson (English 9; TOEFL) - Ms. Johnson received a B.A. in Communication from University of the Nations, Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. She received TESL Certification through Okanagan College and continued graduate studies in International Education with Cairn University. She received Professional Teaching Certification through the Association for Christian School while teaching Secondary English in Cambodia.

Ms. Johnson began her career in teaching English as a Second Language in Oita, Japan. She continued teaching in several locations. This included Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, a return to Japan, California, Canada, Cambodia, Mainland China, also a return to Cambodia. As an overseas worker, she has taught Elementary and Secondary English. She has also taught British Literature to students in grades 11 and 12, English 8, Writing for Literacy, Drama, and Consumer Math.

In addition to her enjoyment of teaching English, Ms. Johnson finds time to quilt, cook for friends, read, and watch classic films.

  Mrs. Kathie Ketchum

American Literature, Honors American Literature, British Literature, Honors British Literature, Leadership

Website: Mrs. Kathie Ketchum


Kathie Ketchum (American Literature; Honors American Literature; British Literature; Honors British Literature; Leadership) – Mrs. Ketchum received a B.A. in education from Northwest Nazarene University. She continued graduate studies at the University of Kansas City and Seattle Pacific University. She received Professional Teaching Certification from Idaho, Kansas, and Washington. Mrs. Ketchum began her career in teaching 2nd and 3rd grades in Idaho. She continued teaching Pre-school, Kindergarten, 5th and 6th grades in both Kansas and Washington. As an overseas missionary, she taught in an International American school: 7th and 8th grade Language Arts and Bible, 9th grade English, 9th and 10th grade World History, 12th grade Bible, and Writer’s Workshop. After returning to the United States, Mrs. Ketchum continued her career in teaching 7th grade and 8th grade Language Arts and Bible, Writer’s Workshop, high school American Literature, British Literature, Bible. Academic Proficiency, and Leadership.

Thanks to 25 years of overseas ministry and teaching, Mrs. Ketchum is fluent in French and has experience in Haitian Créole.

Mrs. Kirsten Nelsen

Gospel of John & Romans


Kirsten Nelsen (Gospel of John & Romans) Mrs. Nelsen grew up in southern Idaho on a dairy farm and attended college in Spokane. After receiving her B.A. in Theology with a minor in Ministry from Whitworth University, she and her husband moved to Olympia. Mrs. Nelsen has served in various ministries including several youth groups, church camp, juvenile detention centers, overseas mission trips, and discipleship groups.

Apart from her love for Jesus, Mrs. Nelsen enjoys playing the guitar, hiking, camping, and reading classic English literature.

Mrs. Kim O'Hara

Pre-Cal, Calculus, Discrete Math, Publication


Kim O’Hara (Pre-Calculus; Calculus, Discrete Math; Publication) - Studied math, physics, and linguistics at the University of Chicago. She taught elementary school computer skills from 1989-2001 and taught high school math, English, history, journalism, and yearbook during various years from 2001 to present. Mrs. O’Hara assumed responsibility for our NCHS Knowledge Bowl team in 2005 and led the team to a state championship and two third-place trophies.

Mrs. O'Hara published her first book, a futuristic science-fiction novel, in 2014.

Mr. Ben Phillips



Ben Phillips (Outreach) – Mr. Phillips has worked with young people in the greater Olympia community for the last 20 years.  Currently he is teaching at NCHS and on staff at Calvary Chapel of Olympia as pastor of high school and college ministries.  Ben has a passion to help people discover who God is, and who they are.  He loves to spend time with his best friend and wife (Dottie), spend time with his kids, sing and play guitar, venture in the outdoors, design and build custom woodworking and serve the Lord Jesus Christ with his whole life. Ben has been married to Dottie for the last 17 years and has “four of the coolest kids in Oly!”

Mr. Tommy Shinn

Guitar, Advanced Guitar and Song Writing, Vocal Ensemble


Tommy Shinn (Beginning Guitar; Advanced Guitar-Songwriting; Vocal Ensemble) – Mr. Shinn has taught privately for several years and in addition to teaching at NCHS, he teaches at Surrendered School of the Arts in Tacoma. Mr. Shinn earned a B.A. in Songwriting from Berklee College of Music in Boston while also teaching guitar and voice lessons. He studied guitar with Peter Fosso at Academy of Music for three years followed by three years of vocal study at Susan Carr Vocal Studio in Seattle.

Mr. Shinn works with kids at Journey Church and has taken two trips to Africa to help build churches and work with kids.

Mr. Tad Sowers

Living Life God's Way, Understanding the Times


Tad Sowers (Living Life God’s Way; Understanding the Times) – Mr. Sowers earned a B.A. from Whitman College in 1979 and a J.D. from the University of Washington School of Law in 1983. He taught for two years at the Olympia Calvary Bible College and eight years at NCHS.

Two favorite quotes of Mr. Sowers: “The most dangerous ideas in a society are not the ones being argued, but the ones that are assumed” (C.S. Lewis); “There is not a square inch in the whole domain of . . . existence over which Christ, who is Sovereign over all, does not cry ‘Mine’” (Abraham Kuyper).

  Mrs. Pam Summers

Technolog, Computer Programming, PE, Health

Website: Mrs. Pam Summers


Pam Summers (Technology; Computer Programming; PE; Health) – Mrs. Summers earned an A.A.S. from Fort Steilacoom Community College in 1985 and a B.S. in Computer Information Systems with a minor in Business from Humbolt Tate University in 1988. She developed and taught professional training courses for Boeing in Data Modeling and Data Management and was an instructor for Introduction to Data Resource Management at the University of Washington Extension Program. Mrs. Summers has homeschooled her four children, taught English Composition and Washington State History for other homeschool families, and served as classroom assistant for Covington Elementary School.

Mrs. Summers played college basketball and soccer and loves coaching. Her first job out of college was for Boeing working on the classified B-2 bomber program. In the winter she “never saw the light of day 5-6 days a week. It was dark when I arrived at work, the windows were blacked out for secrecy, and it was dark when I left.”

Mrs. Barb Thomas

Consumer Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1 & 2


Mrs. Thomas (Consumer Math; Pre-Algebra; Algebra 1 & 2) - Mrs. Thomas received a B.A. in Secondary Math Education and her initial Professional Education Certificate with endorsements for 4-12 Mathematics in 1988. She followed that up with the Professional Education Certificate for life service as a substitute teacher, P-12, in 1989.

Having substituted for us at NCHS, Mrs. Thomas quickly endeared herself to students and demonstrated an individual, student-centered approach to teaching. She joins the NCHS faculty with teaching experience as a homeschool teacher as well as several years of experience in the school classroom.

Mrs. Sonya Trosper

Government/Economics, World History, US History,
AP US History

Website: Mrs. Sonya Trosper


Sonya Trosper (U.S. History; AP U.S. History; Government and Economics; World History) – Mrs. Trosper received a B.A. in History Education from Northwest Nazarene University in 2001 and earned a M.Ed in Social Science Education from Eastern Washington University in 2004. She currently holds Washington State Professional Teacher Certification. Mrs. Trosper spent nine years teaching various 7th and 8th grade subjects at Community Christian Academy before joining the teaching staff at NCHS in 2013.

Mrs. Trosper’s 1st grade teacher taught her how to cross stich. Craft projects are something she enjoys doing in her spare time, receiving inspiration from Pinterest.

Mrs. Gloria Walker

Art 1 & 2


Gloria Walker (Art 1 & 2) – Mrs. Walker received a B.A. in Art from Azusa Pacific University, followed by a Masters degree in Teaching/Education. Her teaching credential was accorded from the State of California. She taught elementary art for 13 years in California public schools, 3 years in junior high and served for 6 years as professor of Art at Azusa Pacific University. In addition to teaching Art at NCHS since 2010, Mrs. Walker is involved in adult art and crafts education at a local Lacey art store.

Mrs. Walker loves learning new art techniques while creating art for her personal art journals. She has also accepted a variety of artwork on commission.

  Mrs. Katy Wilson

Spanish 1, 2, 3


Katy Wilson (Culinary Arts; Spanish 1-4) – Mrs. Wilson was born and raised in Guatemala and received a Teaching Diploma from her home country. She has taught Spanish for 11 years with experience in every grade level and age group from Kindergarten thru high school. She has tutored Spanish for 3 years and also taught basic ESL.

Mrs. Wilson loves dogs, cooking, photography, music, and playing soccer. She plays six different instruments, writes music, and has recorded four CDs with Spanish Christian music.

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